Iglesia de Christo en Apopa, El Salvador

The Church of Christ in Apopa,  El Salvador.

Brother Ricardo Reyes leads the church in worship

Since 2016, Oak Hill Church of Christ has been supporting the beginning of a congregation in Apopa, El Salvador and the minister at the church, Saul Flamenco. There was no church in the area before Saul and his wife Lillian began evangelizing and we have been encouraged by the growth in the church in its first year.

About Apopa

Apopa is a suburb of San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, with a population of just over 150,000. Once compiled of three farms, it has now grown to combine with Soyanago and San Salvador. Very few churches are in the city, making it a prime location for the evangelical work of the Iglesia de Christo.

About Saul

Saul studies with a member of the local community in Apopa

Saul Flamenco is a recent graduate of the Escuela Biblica de las Americas in Panama, began working in Apopa near where he grew up. Oak Hill coordinates with Latin American Missions to support Saul and his wife Lillian as they work to grow the church. The church meets and studies next door to Saul and Lillian’s home. We are proud of the work they are doing and are encouraged by the success they have found in reaching the lost.

How We Contribute

In addition to financial support, we also plan to visit Saul and assist in his work on the ground. In July of 2016, we first were able to visit when Jon, along with his father-in-law Glenn and his brother-in-law Brandon, went to Apopa to conduct Bible studies and hold a gospel meeting at the church. Several brothers and sisters were baptized into Christ and added to the church. We plan to visit Saul again on an annual basis and further help with the work he is doing.

Jon Riley is introduced to the members of the Church and delivers his first class to the Church in Apopa

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